A little introduction...

In the past, people were more outdoorsy than they are today; they were outdoor survivalists. While the technology we have today has provided great opportunities, what have we lost in the way? We’ve lost our ability to be outdoor survivalists. Let us regain what we’ve lost. Let us become self sufficient. Let us have our freedom.
It’s nice to just get out in nature to relieve the stresses of everyday life, to be in a place where you can just relax. And if you happen to get lost or have to spend the night in the woods, that’s why you go prepared. With our products, you can make sure you have the necessary equipment to survive.
Have a browse at our gear page. Also, below are some of our products.
Proud To Be Albertan
Private: Dog Bowl
22-Piece Suture Kit
50L Tactical Backpack
Green Baofeng UV S9 Plus UV 5R Two Way Radio
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