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  • Bivvy Sack Sleeping Bag

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    Bivvy Sack Sleeping Bag Suitable for emergency situations. Sealed seams keep out rain, snow, or wind. Use as a: Shelter, Tent, Tarp, Wind Shield, or Sleeping Bag Material: Polyester Rain & Snow Proof Thickness: 26um Size (Opened): See Images Weight: 0.25lbs (115g) Tear and Puncture Resistant Reflects 90% of Body Heat Includes: 1 x Bivy…

  • Bottled Water Dispenser

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    Bottled Water Dispenser Get water from your water bottles with this handy device. Material: Plastic Includes: 1 x Bottled Water Dispenser

  • Camo Sleeping Bag

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    Camo Sleeping Bag Sleep in the wild, or just spend the night. Fabric: 170T Polyester Silk Lining: 170T Polyester Size: (70.87 + 11.81) x 29.53in / (180 + 30) x 75cm Includes: 1 x Camo Sleeping Bag

  • Double Camo Tent

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    Double Camo Tent Sleep in the wild. Breathable Mesh Insect Proof Size: 59.06 x 78.74 x 43.31in (150 x 200 x 110cm) Waterproof Coefficient: 39.37 – 59.06in (1,000mm – 1,500mm) Tent Structure: Single Layer Tent Strut Material: Wave Pole – Fiberglass Weight: 2.87lbs (1,300g) Fabric: Oxford Cloth Two Person Tent Includes: 1 x Double Camo…

  • Double Tube Whistle

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    Double Tube Whistle Signal people when lost. Aluminum Alloy Size: 2.17 x 0.59 x 0.31in (5.5 x 1.5 x 0.8cm) Includes: 1 x Double Tube Whistle

  • Emergency Blanket

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    Emergency Blanket Used for when: Your vehicles breaks down. You need to send a light signal, as it is reflective. You need shelter from the rain. You need to shield your car from the sun in summer. Place this inside your windshield. Color: Silver Material: PET film + Coating Storage Volume: 4.33 x 0.79 x…

  • Foldable & Portable Water Bag

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    Foldable & Portable Water Bag Durable and Reusable No BPA, PVC, or DEHP Material: PET, PA, and PE Plastics Material: PVC Folded Size: 4.1 x 12in (10.5 x 30.5cm), 5.5 x 14.9in (14 x 38cm) Size: 12.9 x 12in (32.7 x 30.5cm), 16.1 x 14.7in (41 x 37.5cm) Includes: 1 x Foldable & Portable Water…

  • Inflatable Raft Boat

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    Inflatable Raft Boat For emergencies on the water, or for fun. Size: 77.95 x 48.03in (198 x 122cm) Hull Material: PVC Includes: 1 x Hand Pump 1 x Piece of Cotton Rope 1 x Pair of Paddles 1 x Repair Kit

  • Keychain Whistle

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    Keychain Whistle Never be without help. Size: 2.24 x 0.71in (5.7 x 1.8cm) Includes: 1 x Keychain Whistle