Outdoor Survivalist




Name of Association

Outdoor Survivalist


Our focus rests on the principle that all people should be well prepared to survive emergency scenarios. We sell products accordingly.

The products we sell that do not serve a strict survival based purpose are for the purposes of harmless enjoyment.

We do not promote harm to any natural person, domestic animal, or private property.

Requirements for Membership

In order to become a member, you must agree to the Membership Agreement.

If anything conflicts between the Membership Agreement and these Founding Documents, these Documents shall prevail.

Responsibilities of Members

Administrators have the responsibility of managing and maintaining Outdoor Survivalist. They are the head of the Association. Administrators have to abide by the Membership Agreement.

Members have the responsibility of abiding by the Membership Agreement.

Rights of Members

Members of Outdoor Survivalist have the following rights:

  • The ability to purchase goods on outdoorsurvivalist.ca, any subdomains, or social media accounts that sell products.
  • The ability to review products purchased.
  • The ability to edit your account.


Members should not expect special priviledge, or rights that are above or exceed the rights of other members.

Termination of Membership

This is listed in the Membership Agreement.

Property of Outdoor Survivalist

All property operated by Outdoor Survivalist is in the sole possetion of the administrators of Outdoor Survivalist. This includes all websites, social media, and physical property operated for the benefit of Outdoor Survivalist.

Nothing in this Constitution, the Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, or Refund & Returns Policy, can be construed by any member as ownership of Outdoor Survivalist. The rights of the members are listed under the Benefits section of the Membership Agreement.


Unless expressly given to third parties, all money from purchases made on outdoorsurvivalist.ca are the sole possesion of the Outdoor Survivalist admin.

Conflicts Between Documents

If a conflict exists between this Constitution, the Membership Agreement, and the Privacy Policy, this Constitution shall prevail.


Outdoor Survivalist, a private member association, exists in the private domain and is therefore outside the jurisdiction of the courts, agencies, organizations, and institutions that regulate the public domain.

All agreements, contacts, contracts, membership, purchases, etc. with Outdoor Survivalist are the business of Outdoor Survivalist only.

Changes to this Constitution

This Constitution may change from time to time. All members agree that these Documents can change without notice or additional consent beyond initial agreement.

If a change is made to this Constitution, a notice will be posted on the Home Page.

Administrators have the sole power of changing this agreement at their own discretion.