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Living Prepared vs Being Prepared

We are a new outdoor goods store based in Alberta, Canada. Our mission is not just to make you prepared for imminent threats that may happen, but to enable you to live prepared.

Living prepared is more than being prepared for terrible events; it is that too, but much more.

We provide our members with free, public domain resources called Survival Resources. These Resources will teach you to be an outdoor survivalist. It’s about thinking like a survivalist; not only in the bad times, but also in the good.

What It Means to Survive

Whatever you believe about the world; whether it was created in 7 days or evolved over billions of years, our ancestors had to survive. Survival is a powerful urge within every living creature that ultimately makes life possible. In order to live, you must survive; to not survive is death.

Summed up, survival means living to see another day.

With this in mind, we are no more advanced than they were thousands of years ago. We have smartphones, computers, artificial intelligence, and other amazing gadgets, but for all we have accomplished, we still need to eat, drink, and sleep.

We haven’t progressed past the basic survival instinct and are as dependent on it as the day humans first started walking the earth. The only difference is that, while they obtained food themselves, we rely on industrialized production of our food sold in grocery stores.

We’ve put the responsibility of our survival on factories, rather than on ourselves.

The Importance of Living Prepared

If grocery stores were to disappear, what would you do?

Living prepared, a person would have a store of food, a garden, and some animals.

Being prepared, a person would have a store of food.

(This scenario only takes into account the disappearance of food stores, not other essential services.)

This is why living prepared is better. While the second person has a store of food and isn’t likely to die, he relies on the world (or his region) returning to normal eventually. The second person wants the world to return to normal, but isn’t dependent on that to survive; he can live indefinitely in a post grocery store world.

This is why we provide resources to help you develop a survival mindset, because whether in good times or bad, survival is always a priority.

What We Sell

We sell a variety of products, from backpacks to hunting equipment, survival essentials to knives. We prepare people with the products they need to be and live prepared. We are always adding new product to fit the needs of our customers.

“There’s no harm in hoping for the best, as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” – Stephen King

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. In this way you experience the best, and all distress is met with a plan for the worst.

We hope this article helps you out, and that everyday you are working toward becoming a better outdoor survivalist.

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